Latest Developments
11/11/2006 ~  New project on the go. Check out "The Hardtop" pages under the Mechanical menu.

11/7/2006 ~ 
Wow... long time no see. Updates are coming!

8/31/2005 ~  Time for a new direction. Turbo, anybody?

8/20/2005 ~  Another trip to Greenfield Dragway. Changed my 15s for the verts Potenza 165/65/13s and adjusted the pressures to 25 psi up front and 35psi in back. Pulled off a 15.660 sec @ 89.64MPH run.

Hi, I'm Chris Ross... how do you like me so far?

Here you can find some of the background information about myself, my interests, programming consulting, current projects on the go, etc. Feel free to browse around. 

I can be reached via email at or my MSN messenger (

~ Chris (11/19/2004)

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